Dry Bar hire
We supply Beer fonts chiller and all related fittings for draught beer including hand pumps for real ale. Optics and polycarbonate glass where.
Free Bar
Client pays for all drinks.
Pay bar
Guests pay for there own drinks.
Token Bar
Client buys a number of tokens for guests then reverts to a pay bar .
Drink packages for weddings.
Welcome drinks
Toast drinks
Table wine.
Tailor made party’s
Cocktails by request


Paid Bar prices 2016- 2017


Draught beers - Lager, Bitter or cask ale, Cider
All the draught beers are £3.50 a pint (for the above the brands are at your discretion but alternatives may alter the price}. All our draught beers are double chilled with industrial chillers.


Spirits -  All of the usual back bar spirits that are available in pubs £2.50 for a single or £4.00 for doubles including mixers.

wine by the glass at £3.00.